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Family Rooms


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Besides being just plain fun in general, TRYP Hotels also provide perfect family accommodations because of our Family Rooms. YOU'LL get all the cool factor of TRYP and the central locations...and THEY'LL get bunk beds and cute children's-themed bedding. Plus, at check-in they'll receive free "kids-only" gifts and dental kits to keep their little chompers bright and happy. And we're not just family friendly hotels, we are baby friendly hotels as well. We even offer an in-room bottle warmer, among other things, to make your stay with little ones more convenient. And to get ready for an exciting day in the city, wake up to a premium breakfast buffet with all the trimmings the grownups like, plus a variety of fresh fruit, yogurt, juices and of course lots of treats for your little travelers.
Family Rooms
Family Rooms
Family Rooms