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This is my Montevideo. This is my TRYP.

Montevideo, located on the La Plata River, is the bustling capital city of Uruguay and about 80% of the country’s population lives here. Montevideo is known for its picturesque architecture, white sandy beaches and resorts along the Atlantic. It may be just what the doctor ordered, and TRYP’s consultants can do the prescribing.

Starting at Plaza Independencia, visitors can explore the Ciudad Vieja (Old City) with its colonial Spanish and Italian structures and its pedestrian-friendly, narrow streets. On Saturdays, the Old City becomes a vast antique market, offering fine silver, jewelry and art. The Mercado del Puerto (Port Market) draws big crowds, as it is filled with many shops, restaurants and bars. The many beaches around Montevideo beckon visitors to spend lazy days sunning themselves and engaging in all manner of water sports. But that’s during summer only, which in South America, gets most exciting between the big celebrations of New Year's Eve and Carnival, which happens in either February or March.

When the sun goes down, bars and nightclubs keep the city alive well after dark. Like Buenos Aires, Montevideo has its share of hot tango clubs, but the king of these is La Casa del Becho. If techno or rock is more your style, be sure to check out the two-tiered W Lounge. Whatever your inclination, sit and relax with a cold beer, a martini or a glass of full-bodied Uruguayan Tannat, and strike up a conversation with the person next to you. You may make a new friend or a valuable business contact.

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