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Our team will become your work team

In TRYP Bogotá Usaquén we’ll provide you with a receptive service from the hands of experts, our TRYP ambassadors, whom are not just passionate about serving you within the hotel, but as guides to the urban universe that’s waiting for you out there. Just tell us what’s your passion and we’ll tell where to live it in the best way! Every single one of us, from the hotel manager to the door man, is expecting you. We want you to be happy and see for yourself the new ideal place for accommodations in Bogota, Colombia’s most cosmopolitan city.


In TRYP Bogotá Usaquén we really care for healthy life styles, and we take fitness seriously, as fundamental activity in order to achieve a happy life. Feel at ease here, as if you were working out in your regular gym. 24 hours a day, seven days a week, fully equipped, this is the place to begin or end your day in the healthiest way.


Our first floor has an area dedicated to those visiting us on business trips, which are our specialty. Usaquén stands as a vital financial spot for the city, and business is just as important as pleasure in TRYP Bogotá Usaquén. We offer you the comfort and service that allows you accomplish your daily goals successfully. But if you came to rest, and wish to read in a quiet spot our library is the place for you. You’ll find computers and travel books, ideal to begin planning the adventures that the city has for you.

Central Plaza

Have you ever checked into a hotel and when entering its lobby, felt that you can’t wait to be alone in your room? Let me tell you that here it will be quite the opposite. We don’t believe in that old term "lobby." It’s usually related to overly conventional spaces, opposed to our passionate spirit; it brings about gaudy images, contrary to our aesthetics. Here you’ll be received by TRYP ambassadors who will be eager to assist you, not only with issues regarding the hotel, but with the different destinies that wait for you in fascinating Bogota.

Our Sign Post, a classic of TRYP by Wyndham, symbolizes our desire for you to live your own adventure, boundlessly. Moreover, you’ll find information centers, where you can learn about many of the city’s interesting destinations. Bogota is the urban center where most of our different regions, and the entire world, meet together, and this may well be the best starting point for a true universal experience. In TRYP Bogotá Usaquén we love details, therefore, every single thing, from the ceiling to the carpet, bears the unique touch of our energetic and cosmopolitan spirit.